About Us

‌Filipino Australian Friendship Association of Geelong Inc was established in 1981 by a small group of Filipino and Australian families in Geelong and has flourished into a much larger and close-knit group, which stems from the organisations wholesome program of socio-cultural activities catering to the needs of all age groups. The association has members not exclusive of only Filipinos but from other ethnic backgrounds for the purpose of encouraging social and cultural interaction between Filipinos, Australian and other ethnic groups.  Over the years the group has been actively involved and helped several multicultural services and programs through our active affiliation with Diversitat / Cultura.We pride ourselves to be the only Filipino Club in Geelong that owns our building. Thanks to our dedicated members who volunteered countless hours and through passion, commitment, and hard work and tons of fundraising events we can enjoy our facility we call ‘HOME’. As we celebrate our yearly anniversaries, we commemorate the birth of this amazing Organisation and the impact it made to our community. We salute our colourful families and friends for their continued support and the lasting friendships formed though our affiliation with Filipino Australian Friendship Association of Geelong.  We celebrate being Australians although from many lands – we form ONE FAMILY.

Our Executive Committee

Club President:  Mila Cichello
Vice President:  Sharon Miguel Cranston
Secretary:  Brad Marasigan
Assistant Secretary:  Lisa Miller
Treasurer:  Nin Martinez
Assistant Treasurer:  Teresa Eadie

Our Portfolio Holders

Funding Applications:  Mila Cichello
Welfare:  Judith Miguel
Filipino Community Representative:  Sharon Miguel Cranston and Fely Spikers
Cultura Multicultural Commitee:  Sharon Miguel Cranston and Fely Spikers
Events:  Judith Miguel, Irene Buckle and Rosalinda McRae 
Information and Technology:  Jayson Marasigan and Bradley Marasigan
Aged Care Liaison:  Fe Mannix
FAFAG History:  Barry Buckle
Melbourne Network Liaison:  Mila Cichello
Advisors:  Barry Buckle and Fe Mannix

Club President - Mila Cichello

Vice President - Sharon Miguel Cranston

Secretary - Brad Marasigan

Assistant Secretary - Lisa Miller

Treasurer - Nin Martinez

Assistant Treasurer - Teresa Eadie

First Aid Officer - Judith Miguel